Holistic health

  • Free Meditation Music
    • Long plays, free downloads and very relaxing. Perfect for background noise as you fall asleep if you suffer with insomnia, but all the songs are categorised by their holistic purpose if you’re suffering with something specifically.
  • Yoga Journal
    • A great site with poses filtered by whatever you want.

Mental health (medical and charities)

  • Helguide.Org – Schizophrenia
    • An easy-to-read, extremely informative website with helpful advice for sufferers and carers alike. Make sure to read their pages with articles on other mental illnesses.
  • Intervoice
    • An excellent resource for people who hear voices. Dedicated to changing the way we think about the experience.
  • Rethink
    • The UK charity set up to raise awareness about mental illness and help sufferers. Contains a wealth of information and ways to get involved and help out.
  • SANE support forum
    • A wonderful online community for those with mental health problems and their friends/family.
  • Schizophrenia Does Not Exist (Schizofrenie Bestaat Niet)
    • Informative videos and a manifesto about PSS – Psychosis Susceptibility Syndrome (and an encouraging and refreshing look at a new definition of the symptoms associated with the diagnosis of schizophrenia)

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