Teaching a lesson

I’ve decided someone needs to teach you a lesson
Lest you forget
That you’re gorgeous and you’re blessed
Negative reinforcement will shrink you down to size
But I want you to grow
Shrink your ego, grow your soul
Reach the horizon and aspire
To constantly being a part of
A higher collective of people
Who build each other up
Who deal in truth and positivity
Not malevolence, animosity

I’m going to teach you a lesson
Lest you forget
You’re gorgeous and you’re blessed

Copyright J N Ali 2016

Smoke-free wannabe

Quitting smoking on holiday was easy. I left the vape stick at home, I hate the taste of cigarettes most of the time and what money I had I wanted to spend on massages.

But breaking a habit in a familiar environment – in a place you are used to being reliant on that habit is truly hard.

I picked up a couple of disposable e-cigs last week, convincing myself that I wasn’t smoking all day so it was okay.

It was okay, I’m a grown woman who can do as she chooses – but I am never free from the consequences of my choices.

I managed to stop again. It’s been a couple of days (which is enough to distance myself from wanting an e-cig) and I noticed that even with a couple of days of very light smoking my lung capacity was diminished.

I don’t know what’s in those things, but I’ve been exhausted and had trouble sleeping – they are the culprit clearly.

Two days on and I can breathe easier and sleep like a baby.

It doesn’t matter how many times I falter, this is a bad habit I am determined to break.

I hope you all find the strength to beat your addictions, and this is the year we all free ourselves. Don’t beat yourself up if it isn’t.


Jaz x